Once upon a time
A woman and a man
Found out that they were soulmates
June and Dan

She is known as "Wildwoman"
He is more sedate
The fact they got together
Just turned out to be fate

They found they had in common
A restless wanderlust
So plans for their retirement
They needed to adjust

It happens when two travel bugs
Meet and come together
The thought of settling down
Just doesn't happen—ever!

So we thought we'd share our passion
For adventure, fun and more
We’re glad you came to visit
Our "Galaxsea Travel" store

Yes, we're real cool people
You'll be well prepared to go
Not only will we do the best job
We'll save you lots of dough!!$$

Vacation:  Webster's Dictionary defines the term as "A Respite, or A Time of Respite."  We call it the reward for working hard; the motivation you need to do a good job; the light at the end of the tunnel; the carrot in front of the horse's nose!

Whatever thoughts and excitement you conjure up when the word "VACATION" is mentioned, we at Galaxsea Travel can make it a reality.

Which reason is yours for taking a vacation?

  • You lead a busy life and you need to reconnect with loved ones.
  • You need to decompress, de-stress, and just plain relax.
  • You need to watch your children play, and join them.
  • You need to look across the table and see your spouse's, partner's or significant other's face bathed in candlelight.
  • You need to stay up late, laugh at a stand-up comedian, boogie the night away or watch a romantic "chick flick", then sleep late the next morning.
  • You need to zip line through the jungle and over the waterfalls, and then ride a horse bareback in the ocean waves.
  • You need to try your luck at a blackjack table or spin the roulette wheel.
  • You need to read your favorite author's latest book and then write a review of it.
  • You need to go parasailing, white-water rafting, kayaking or deep-sea fishing.
  • You need to realize the reason why you retired in the first place.
  • It's our honeymoon, man, we need to experience the best vacation we'll ever take!

No matter the reason, no matter the budget, when it's time to vacation, Dan and June of Galaxsea Travel will help you realize your dreams and your respite desires.  It's all very simple: We will listen to you, then make suggestions, and find the best spot on earth to call your own little paradise.

The 10 best reasons to book your vacation with Galaxsea Travel

1. It's free!  What's free in this world?  The services of our travel agency!  A lot of people mistakenly believe that they must pay a fee for the advice and services our travel agency has to offer.  Not true!  The resorts and cruise lines compensate travel agents for helping clients through the booking process.

2. Been there done that!  Most of the time travel agents have visited and inspected the resorts, ships and vacation spots.  They have the experience and familiarity with any destination to help you make the right choice with your desires and budget in mind.

3. We meet or beat internet pricing!  If you think the lowest prices are on the internet, you'd be wrong!  Because travel agents have wonderful relationships with their vendors, they are afforded the very best prices and service available.

4. One-stop shopping!  Sure we can find you exactly what you want in a vacation destination, but we will also get you there in style with no stress.  We'll take care of the transfers to and from the airport when necessary, and cover all the details!

5. We are available 24/7, 365!  Because our office is in our home, you can call us anytime!  And we really mean anytime!  Busy people can't always plan their vacations during normal working hours, so we are here to help you whenever you need us.

6. Work with Professionals!  When you're ill, you see a doctor, when you have a toothache you go to a dentist, and when you need to plan a vacation, of course you go to a travel professional.

7. Troubleshooting: It's rare, but occasionally an unforeseen problem or dilemma occurs on someone's vacation.  Be it an unforeseen illness or medical emergency, weather or natural disaster, isn't it good to know there's someone on the other end who will help you take care of any problem that arises?

8. The right place for the right person: What if you find out after you've boarded your cruise ship that the average age of the passengers is 90 and you're 25?  What if you're 90 and you have boarded a ship with a rock band for entertainment?  The point is, we'll find the perfect spot for you, no matter what your age or interests are.

9. Upgrades, bonuses, discounts and perks: When you book your vacation through our travel agency, you are automatically afforded any and all perks that are offered and available from the many sources that we deal with.

10. You have a friend.  We not only will find the perfect vacation at the right price, we'll organize your paperwork, tickets, all documents and deliver them directly to you!

Call Dan or June at Galaxsea Travel today. Build lasting travel memories for you and yours on your next vacation. We help you build those memories with luxury and adventure cruises, romantic honeymoon packages, safaris, exotic island getaways, and tours. Fulfill your travel dreams with your next trip. We'll help get you there.

Plan your trip with Galaxsea Travel. We have it all: cruises, tours, vacation packages, resorts, and we are honeymoon and destination wedding experts.  On all vacations we beat the internet pricing, yet offer very personalised service.

Browse or search through our site, filled with comprehensive and up-to-date specials to see the wide variety of trips we offer. Contact us so we can help you narrow your choices for your perfect vacation We're looking forward to making your next trip a memorable time. Contact us today so you can get packing!